Organization of the Pre-school/Kindergarten and Elementary Schools

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Pre-School and Kindergarten

The kindergarten serves children aged 2 to 6, coming from France and many other countries. Teaching is provided by a team of educators assisted by four teacher assistants.


The primary objective of the kindergarten is to help every child gain confidence, independence and the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in elementary school.


The highest priority of the kindergarten is for the children to acquire rich, well-structured oral language, which can be clearly understood by others. In the kindergarten, the child establishes relationships with other children and with adults. They exercise their motor, sensory, emotional, and intellectual skills, they learn to form relationships; they develop into students. They discover the universe of the written word.


Kindergarten students follow two years of early childhood development learning followed by a year of basic skills. The four years of kindergarten available include:


  • Daycare (for 2 years olds)

  • Pre-school (for 3 years olds)

  • Pre-K (for 4 years olds)

  • Kindergarten (for 5 years olds)


The pedagogical program takes into account the development stages of the child and their rhythm of learning.


The school week for the kindergarten is a total of 24 hours. The pedagogical program conforms to the standards of the French Ministry of Education. Two hours are dedicated to learning German.


Music classes are held weekly. The kindergarten level (grande section) also has one hour per week of introduction to computers. Optional language classes (German or English) are open to all students.


Elementary School

The elementary school welcomes children age 6 to 11. Priority in admissions is given to French citizens but other nationalities are welcome if there are places available.


Teaching is provided by a French staff. Teachers are hired to their posts by the Academic Inspector of the Haut-Rhin (department of Alsace) or hired directly by the school. The quality of teaching at the school is monitored by the French Inspector of National Education.


The elementary school comprises five years of instruction:

  • First grade (CP)

  • Second grade (CE1)

  • Third grade (CE2)

  • Fourth grade (CM1)

  • Fifth grade (CM2)


All instruction conforms to the official curriculum of the French Ministry of Education. In addition, all students have 3 hours per week of German instruction and one hour a week of computer.


Additional offers:

  • Extracurricular activities available are German, English, art, theater, violin and swimming.

  • Supervised study for students to complete their homework is available in the evenings from 16:10 to 17:10 and after-care is available until 18:10.

  • School lunch

  • Holiday camp


Students pass regional and national exams annually. The school is also inspected annually by the Basel Education Department.


Continuation of Studies

Upon completion of elementary school, students of the French School of Basel have the right, regardless of their nationality, to enter a French middle school. Non-European (Schengen) students require a visa in this case.


Students of the French School of Basel may enter the middle school René Schickelé in Saint-Louis across the border. Parents may also choose to send their children to other middle schools in the area, such as the local Swiss schools, private international schools, or the Lycée Franco-Allemand of Freiburg in Germany.