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EFDB is a private establishment, and seeks through all its actions and activities, to be an exemplary provider of the French education system in the Basel area.

Our school is open to French expatriate families living in the Basel region and also to non-French speaking families.

In the middle of this cultural diversity, the School offers a high-quality education based on the requirements set by the French Ministry of Education, emphasizes the teaching of foreign languages (German and English) and opens students to different cultural events (e.g. visits of museums, exhibitions in the Basel area…)


Our educational mission is based on inculcating core human values, where the children:

  • Learn how to behave in society/ community

  • Learn self-respect and respect towards each other

  • Are open to different cultures and develop a critical mind

Our association contributes in many different ways to its well-established position:

- The parents can follow the self-development of their children, and have many opportunities to contribute to school life.

- The Committee’s main focus is to actively ensure that the school is managed safely on a long-term basis.

- The Director makes sure that the curriculum and teaching standard is followed properly according to the French Education program and to the local requirements.

- The teachers work closely for and with each single child according to her/his needs. The teachers’ main focus is the integration and development of their pupilsThe teaching of the French language is also a main priority as well as the teaching of foreign languages (German and English).